Interesting Facts about the Brassiere

Published: 26th March 2012
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The brassiere has come a long way, indeed. Bra-like devices dating back from 2000B.C. were made to lift, separate and restrain breasts - functions that manufacturers of modern bras still have in mind albeit with vastly different social, cultural and even political connotations.

For example, where the modern bra is designed to lift sagging breasts to form a desirable cleavage, the bras of ancient Minoan women were designed to lift their breasts right out of their clothes! Now, that’s an interesting trivia about the history of brassieres. Here are a few more although we must say that these facts are arranged in no particular order of importance.

Average Size
Nowadays, the average brassiere is designed for B-cup size breasts although the cup sizes range from AA to L. Basically, cup size AA means that your bust measurement is less than 4 inches than your rib measurement while size L means a difference of 16 inches between the two measurements.

Ingenuity at Work
We have to thank Mary Phelps Jacobs for the invention of the bra as we know it today and, thus, for freeing modern women from the restrictive confines of painful corsets. In 1913, Jacobs fashioned a bra-like garment using two handkerchiefs, good length of ribbons and a cord – all because her corsets ruined the lines of her lacy dress. Women are, indeed, ingenious, a trait that still shows with innovations like the Comfortisse bra.

Wires Can Kill
It may sound like an urban myth but the underwires in the modern brassiere can kill and we are not just talking about the possibility of these wires poking the ribs, penetrating through the skin, and puncturing an internal organ either. The story goes that a young woman by the name of Berbel Zummer was wearing a metal underwire bra to support her ample assets. While she was walking along a park in Vienna, lightning struck her and, no thanks to the metal wire in her bra, she was fatally electrocuted.

On a side note, unless you were extremely lucky to be hit by lightning on a casual stroll in your neighborhood park, you need not worry about painful metal wires with the Comfortisse bra. Your breasts are sufficiently supported by the wide band – no wires, thankfully.

Incorrect Fit
In a survey, 27 percent of women said that they did not buy a clothing item because they did not have the right brassiere for it. For example, the blouse may have a deep V in front but the bras in the closet are not suitable for it.

More disturbingly, studies have also shown that 50 to 75 percent of women are not wearing their correct bra size. This is not just a matter of breasts appearing asymmetrical, or straps making painful marks on the skin, or bras riding high up the nipples.

This is a matter of good health – wearing incorrect bra size leads to problems like restricted breathing, breast pain, back pain, poor posture and abrasions, among others. So, we always suggest choosing the bra that will fit you from the front to the back, which will take about 10 to 15 trials before the best fit is found. (You should have no problem in this regard when wearing a Comfortisse bra since the materials used are stretchable and yet still offer good support for the breasts.

In the end, the most important fact about wearing a brassiere is that it should fit your body well – comfort is the first requirement – while also making you appear sexier – think cleavage without the back fat and side bulges.

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